Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Easy Way to Cut Up an Avocado

I read this hint recently, and I tried it last night. It worked very well, so I am sharing the idea! If you dislike peeling and slicing avocados, you will probably appreciate this suggestion.

Step 1
Slice the avocado in half.

Step 2
Remove the pit. I did this by inserting a sharp knife into the pit, and then pulling it out.

Step 3
Make slices horizontally and vertically along both halves. Cut all the way through the avocado, although do not cut all the way through the skin. The cut pieces came out a bit larger than they looked, so I suggest making the cuts close together--unless you want big chunks. I made the cuts closer together when I cut the second half, and the pieces were still a good size.

photo of the first half I cut
Step 4
Use a spoon to gently scoop under the avocado meat and scoop the chunks out of the skin.

photo of the cut chunks from the second half
when I made the cuts closer together

Voila ~ Perfectly cut avocado pieces with no mess! I love this idea, and hope that you find it helpful, too.