Saturday, January 10, 2015

Chicken Curry Salad

1 lb. chopped cooked chicken breast (about 1 ½ cups)
¼ cup olive oil based mayo
1 tablespoon nonfat Greek yogurt
¼ cup green onion slices - I used thinly sliced red onion, which was kind of strong. This was still very good, although I suggest less than ¼ cup if using red onion.
¾ cup halved grapes or ¼ cup raisins - I used raisins
½ cup thinly sliced celery
2 to 3 tablespoons chopped pistachios
1 teaspoon curry powder

Mix all ingredients until well blended; cover and chill at least 20 minutes to blend flavors. 

Serve with whole grain crackers, as a sandwich filling, or on fresh lettuce.

If serving as a salad or main dish, this makes 2 large servings or 4 small to average sized portions. The photo here is a little less than half of the chicken salad mixture. I used all chicken breast meat to prepare this--as I always do because it has less fat than dark meat; it looks darker  in the photo because of the curry powder.