Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chicken Brunswick Stew Photos

Since I do not have recipe photos inside of my book, I am sharing a couple of the Brunswick Stew recipe on page 97. You can enlarge any photo in this blog by clicking on it.

I always say that recipes are merely an idea/starting point for me, and this day was no exception! This is a slightly modified version of the recipe, and the details of the changes I made are listed below.

in the crockpot, ready to cook

I stirred in ½ teaspoon salt and ¼ teaspoon pepper with the flour.

I only used about ¾ lb. of chicken breast.

ready to eat
I used dried lima beans instead of frozen, so I soaked them in hot boiling water for a couple of hours, and I put them in the crockpot at the start instead of with the corn.

I used yellow bell pepper instead of green bell pepper, and I added in a few carrots.

I did not cut my parsnips in cubes, like I had written in the recipe. Big mistake! The chunks were too large, and not cooked as much as we like.

I cooked this about 8 hours on low, and I wish I had used the auto setting on my crockpot (high for an hour, and then it turns to low).

This stew has a mild kick to it, which we love! If anyone reading this post would like the recipe too, post your comment below, and I will update this post with the complete ingredients and directions.