Friday, February 14, 2014

Great Deal and Delicious Breakfast for AAA Members in Grand Rapids, Michigan!

February 2014

We were looking for a place to have breakfast in downtown Grand Rapids, so I searched several online sites for recommendations and discounts. We like to try foods outside of the basic options, and I found a couple of restaurants that sounded like they fit the bill: San Chez, A Tapas Bistro and Wolfgang's. San Chez was a bit closer to the area we wanted, although the menu at Wolfgang's looked more interesting.

I did not initially find any discounts or promos at either restaurant, and then I decided to check AAA. I almost did not check AAA, since the restaurant offers are usually paltry--only around 10%. I was delighted to find a BOGO promo at San Chez for breakfast! 

When we first arrived at San Chez (a weekday around 8 a.m.), there was only one guest inside. The cafe looked clean and comfortable, so we took a seat. We were not sorry. The food was excellent! 

I had Fried Egg-n-Cheese Grits, and my husband had an omelet. Both portion sizes were generous, and the quality was excellent. The food was prepared with fresh ingredients and cooked perfectly. My dish contained fresh spinach and fresh zucchini, and my husband's omelet contained fresh vegetables. It was easy to see that neither item had been cooked in grease or butter.

Even though the AAA site said that a coupon was not needed, I had decided to print the page showing the discount anyway. I was glad I did, because the employees were not familiar with the promotion. They were happy to honor it, although it took several minutes for them to apply the discount and bring the check. They also kept my printed page, as though it was a coupon.

I would recommend this restaurant; with or without a discount. Three more groups of guests had arrived for breakfast before we left the restaurant, so I guess we just happened to arrive before the rest of the crowd. If you are a AAA member, I suggest printing the page like I did, just in case there is someone new working that day. And, don't forget your membership card.